Conference communication «MTS», «Beeline»: how to connect, how to disable?

Today, your attention will provide you the service of conference calling, which is offered by many cellular operators. I use it not so often, but it is the place to be. So now that this opportunity have to learn. We will focus on two fairly popular company. We are talking about «MTS» and «Beeline». How to connect/disconnect the so-called conferencing? How much does it cost? Let’s try to understand all this.

Service description

But before this you need to understand what we are going to have a deal today. May be offered the opportunity does not need? Conference calling is a conversation with several subscribers of the network. Different operators there are a variety of additional features that are available during the dialogue. For example, translating a participant in standby mode.

During conferencing everybody can leave the conversation without interrupting the conversation. In principle, quite conveniently, if you can’t someone to organize a General meeting. Let’s see how to connect conference call, how much it costs for different operators, as well as how the off. It’s not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.

The connection to MTS

We can start with the company «MTS». This mobile operator used by many people. And so it is worthy of attention. In order to connect to a service called conference calling, you at the very beginning of action should make sure that your phone supports this feature by default. In addition, it is necessary to connect a «Hold and call waiting».

How to do it? Dial *43#. You are now ready to connect. Conference call MTS can be activated in several ways. First –call operator. Typed on the phone 0890, wait for answer and announce that I would like to connect the proposed service. However, this is not the most popular method among subscribers.

The second option is using the official MTS. Go to her authorization, and check out the «Services». There will have to find a «conference call», click on the needed line to activate a function called «Connect». Enter a special code to confirm the operation and happy with the result.

Another method that can help is an SMS request. To implement the approach in the email message 2115 and send the generated email to room 111. In principle, this is all that we have to offer. Also, each subscriber is able to connect itself conferencing «MTS» using the «Mobile portal». Dial *111# and press «Call». A menu will appear. Contains the desired function (will have to look for her in different sections) and click the send request according to the instructions, which will be applied in describing the possibilities.

The cost of the service

Well, now we know how to connect conference call from MTS on your mobile phone. The important things is how much is this pleasure. This factor account for many subscribers.

Fortunately, in our case the monthly fee for the use of not be charged. You only pay for the minute of conversation with people. And then, according to your tariff plan. So it may happen that the joint dialogue will be on some time free. Or will cost mere pennies. This fact greatly pleases the subscribers. Few people think about the disabling of this service. Because it is, as already mentioned, there is no additional cost from the account does not charge. Which means, nobody can.

Refusal of service

However, you have to know how to disable conference calls. So far we are talking only about company «MTS». Here subscribers are offered several alternative approaches. And everyone can choose what suits him.

For example, you can call the operator and tell that you would like to cancel conference call. Gaining 0890, wait for the answer and communicate with the employee. It’s no big deal. In addition, the company’s official website and «my account» it can also help. Authoritiveness, go to «Services», find there the appropriate menu item and click on «Disable». Confirm your selection by introducing the security code – and it’s done. Plus, you can personally come to the office of «MTS» and get off the conference call.

Connecting to «Beeline»

Next, move on to a company called «Beeline». The main competitor of MTS also offers its subscribers the service of visual communication. And conditions of provision differ slightly.

Conference communication «Beeline» can be connected in several ways. As in the previous case, the easiest, but not everyone’s favorite approach – call operator. Calling 0611 and waiting for an answer. Next, announce your intentions to activate conferencing. After you will receive an alert with the result of the query.

Is the place to be and connect with the help of USSD-request. You should dial *110*021# or 067409021. Next, click on the button call and the expected processing operations.

Please note that the conference communication «Beeline» cannot always be supported. If you already have the option «My Beeline», have to resign to implement the ideas.

How much is

Unlike MTS, Beeline has a fee. Connecting and disconnecting services are free, but the use of it is of any funds. You can filter the type of cancellation fee. If you select «daily» in the day you will be charged a 3.1 per ruble. And the monthly fee is 70 rubles.

Please note that additionally you will be charged the cost of call. It is calculated on the basis of tariff plan for your mobile device. So if there is no urgent need, the conference call from the company «Beeline» is disable.

Disconnection of the service

In General, the process is not much different from the options available at MTS. You can use the following methods:

  • the call to the operator;
  • «My account» on the operator’s website;
  • visit the office of cellular communication;
  • USSD-request *110*020#.

In principle, that’s all. As you can see, conferencing easily connects and disconnects in our current companies. As long as your mobile initially supported collaborative dialogues. Now you are able to accomplish our task today.

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